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Hawk has assembled a powerful group of services designed to build wealth consistently and develop opportunity in property from one, trusted partner.

Hawk co-funding

About Us

Hawk Group Limited has embarked on a transformative journey in collaboration with Sancus Lending (Jersey) Limited. This strategic joint venture, officially solidified on 6 December 2023, marks a pivotal chapter for both entities, driven by a shared vision for fortified lending and co-investment opportunities in the Island.

Championed by Robert Morton, Neil Spacie, and Kiri Cavill, this joint venture represents a convergence of expertise, capital, and lending market experience, poised to reshape the landscape of lending in Jersey and beyond and is a monumental stride toward realising the collective vision for more dynamic and robust lending in the Channel Islands.

The alliance is meticulously designed for valued investors, introducing the first truly expert family debt vehicle, offering stability and growth without compromising on risk. Together, the collective vision, experience, and resources pave the way to pioneer innovative lending and capital raising strategies.

Our group divisions

Hawk Lending provides nimble, intelligent, debt and debt-equity solutions to private individuals and corporations alike. Specialising in property development loans, commercial loans, bridging finance and private mortgages, Hawk Lending offers a discreet service to borrowers.

Call: (01534) 708760

Email: Kirsty@hawkgroupltd.com

Hawk co-funding

Hawk Co-Funders include private clients, high net worth individuals (HNWIs), institutions, trusts and family offices. Co-Funders may participate in a range of asset backed funding opportunities over a variety of risk/return profiles and term lengths across multiple jurisdictions through their own customised platform.

Kiri Cavill
Director & Head of Family Wealth
E: kiri@hawkgroupltd.com
M: +44 (0)7797 770706

Alex Jeffries
Head of Wealth
E: alex@hawkgroupltd.com
M: +44 (0)7468 515815

Our People

Robert W. Morton

Executive Chairman
Email: rob@hawkgroupltd.com

Neil Spacie

Managing Director
Email: neil@hawkgroupltd.com

Kiri Cavill

Director & Head of Family Wealth
Email: kiri@hawkgroupltd.com

Tracy Clarke

James Waghorn

Gary Mealing

Credit Director
Email: gary@hawkgroupltd.com

Peter Galley

Head of Credit Risk
Email: pete@hawkgroupltd.com

Kirsty Doublard

Client Services Director
Email: kirsty@hawkgroupltd.com

Alex Jeffries

Head of Wealth
Email: alex@hawkgroupltd.com

Hayley Potts

Head of People
Email: hayley@hawkgroupltd.com

Steve Simpson

Head of IT
Email: steve@hawkgroupltd.com

Julie Smith

Compliance Manager MLCO/RO
Email: julie@hawkgroupltd.com

Chris Bick

Compliance Manager DMLCO/RO
Email: chris@hawkgroupltd.com

Alasdair Carlyle

Property Director
Email: alasdair@hawkgroupltd.com

Eric Vasconcelos

Business Development Manager
Email: eric@hawkgroupltd.com

Stuart Hamilton

Business Development Manager
Email: stuarth@hawkgroupltd.com

Stephen House

Business Development Manager
Email: stephen@hawkgroupltd.com

Claire Ibbotson

Client Services & Lending Operations Manager
Email: claire@hawkgroupltd.com

Evelina Woszczynska

Email: evelina@hawkgroupltd.com

Simon Herbert

Business Development Manager
Email: simon@hawkgroupltd.com

Sabrina Kunn

Treasury Analyst
Email: sabrina@hawkgroupltd.com

Stuart Whale

Email: stuart@hawkgroupltd.com

Ewa Jaworska-Vedovatti

Email: ewa@hawkgroupltd.com

Artur Krzynowek

Email: artur@hawkgroupltd.com

Leticia Simon

Email: leticia@hawkgroupltd.com