Bridging Loans

Bridging loans are short-term finance typically used for funding gaps between property completion dates.  They are particularly useful in larger property chains, enabling property buyers to secure a new home ahead of the sale of their existing.  Bridging loans are short term and enable large capital reductions to be made without penalty.  Compared to fixed-term loans, Bridging finance can vastly reduce your overall cost of borrowing. 

Our bridging loans are typically:

  • Debt
  • £100,000 to £10,000,000
  • 3 to 24-month terms
  • Fixed amount or revolving credit facilities 
  • Secured against residential or commercial property, 1st, 2nd, 3rd charge positions
  • Up to 85% LTV
  • Interest roll-up, interest repayment and hybrid options
  • Capital reduction options
  • Early settlement options
  • Buy Now, Move Later options (in special response to COVID-19 pandemic)

Suitability for bridging finance relies on a financial event (like a property sale) to demonstrate a clear method of repayment.